High Performance Subwoofer Systems for Music and Home Theater Enthusiasts

Again, to repeat our commitment to requests from DIYers, our latest amplifier in the A-Series is a compact 2RU high 4 channel amplifier that employs a “Twin Transformer” power supply, thus the Dash TT model number. These beasts are capable of being operated in Dual Bridged Mode by bridging 2 channels on each side, producing 6,000 watts of peak burst from the A4-12K-TT version and 9,000 watts from the A4-18K-TT version... in each case, times two! Or, use all 4 channels in a multi-driver system. Sound Quality is unparalleled from this all new Class A/B design for use in driving full range speakers as well, so use this model to power satellite speakers or any system requiring stable, high power covering any scenario of recorded source playback.

Capacitor reservoir, output circuitry and components quality remain consistent with the rest of the A-Series amplifier models. In the final analysis, we decided that the price of lower efficiency and increased weight were worth the gain in value to those who’ve expressed a need for this calibre of power. 

  The A-14K is the workhorse of the Raptor Systems. This amplifier packs a lot of wallop in a 2RU case and    
  was specifically designed to handle the 5-octave-wide bandwidth, high energy, extremely low frequency transients  
  that the Raptor Systems are designed to accurately reproduce in-room. Beyond the obvious use of the best design  
  and components the electronics world has to offer, the addition of a custom laser-cut 1/4” thick brushed aluminum,     
  anodize finished faceplate, custom cast aluminum pulls and gloss black micro metal .1 technologies logo further    
  indicate the no-expense-spared philosophy behind the flagship of the Bossobass A-Series amplifier lineup. 
Just as we’ve discussed on the Subwoofers Q&A page, amplification of a high quality, wide bandwidth subwoofer system is likely the most taken for granted. As a result, most systems are underpowered. We’ve been building and testing extremely wide bandwidth sealed subwoofer systems for some 16 years. In order to arrive at a situation where the system had ample amplifier headroom, we went from 500 watt peak amplifier power to over 14,000 watts peak amplifier power. To repeat a bit of what we covered on the Q&A page, the reason for this requirement for high amplifier power output is the incredibly high dynamic nature of the low end energy in modern digital soundtracks, which is typically in the neighborhood of 30dB (dB = decibels, which are logarithmic, so 30dB = 1,024 times).

Given that reality, we have scoured the planet for the right amplifiers for the job. They are rack-mounted for remote location. They have plenty of strategically placed, high volume fans for adequate cooling, because heat kills hardware. They require connection to proper mains in order to function properly.

Please NOTE: Each amplifier is imported as needed to complete Subwoofer Systems or amplifier orders and then undergoes a 7-step process that includes inspection, measurements and tests under soundtrack source loads. This process has evolved over the years to best assure proper operation when used for the purposes we talk about on these pages and intend for every customer. Because of this method of sales for amplifiers and other hardware, please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time.

The amplifiers that are immediately available are listed on the Raptor Systems page with links to the shopping cart page. They are listed on this page as well, as part of the amplifier catalog. So, let’s have a look at the current lineup and the amplifiers currently 
being tested 
as well... FLAGSHIP FLAGSHIP Choosing never to forsake our passionate DIY roots in the Home Theater subwoofer arena, we’ve responded to the many calls for sales of separate, value-priced amplifiers.
The A-series “Dash R” amplifiers are revised so that excellent performance is retained while the price is reduced to a level of extraordinary value. Choose from 2 channel models that can be bridged to monoblock operation and stable into a nominal 4 ohm load. Available power options are 5,000 watts peak, 9,000 watts peak and 14,000 watts peak. NOTE: These extremely high power amplifiers require a 120V-20A dedicated  mains outlet to operate properly. There are options for 120V-30A and 220V-16A and 220V-32A. Please specify when ordering with a follow-up e-mail. Have a look at this layout! The modified heat sinks, working in conjunction with the high volume fans keep the output transistors within temperature limits during demanding playback at thunderous levels.
The HUGE 46,200 uF capacitor reservoir keeps mammoth energy on tap for those huge transients that hundreds of soundtracks contain.
The stamped steel front panel is designed to cut cost while still providing excellent air movement and access to controls and indicator LEDs.
Available in configurations and power levels that suit operation with dedicated 120V-20A, 120V-30A, 220V-16A and 220V-32A mains outlets. Please specify when ordering. COMING SOON...
efficient class d platform, quality components throughout,
17kw burst capability into nominal 2 ohm load, hdmi in/out
remote control and more... dash tt dash tt dash d dash d all BOSSOBASS a-series amplifiers
come with an exclusive 2-year warranty the a-14k is only available as part of a raptor system purchase. this item is no longer sold separately. the a-14k is only available as part of a raptor system purchase. this item is no longer sold separately. dash r dash r amplification amplification COMING
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