High Performance Subwoofer Systems for Music and Home Theater Enthusiasts
Black Powder Coat
(3/4” thick MDF with powder coat finish)
Blackbird & Raptor Systems were designed through a process that included assigning a high priority to aesthetic value. Overall size, footprint and placement options were of primary concern after performance, which resulted in options based upon whether or not the modules will be stacked or placed separately. Before ordering your system, simply determine which of those configurations best fit your application and choose from the following options:         Option #3:
Choose To Have A Custom Machined Aluminum Grill Ring Installed to frame the top-facing driver. SEQSS and A-Series Amplifiers are currently available in black (or dark gray) only. Raptor blackbird accessories      Option #1:
           Choose Top Plate
Beveled Glass
(1/2” thick glass with 1” beveled edge)
Option #2:
Make A List Of Poles [the correct terminology is a) top plate poles, b) stacking poles and c) adjustable legs] Required To Accommodate Your System (See illustration above for reference)