High Performance Subwoofer Systems for Music and Home Theater Enthusiasts
If playback of everything on the soundtrack at reference level is your goal, you’ve come to the right place. whether you prefer your subwoofer system  to be stacked, separately placed or a combination of both is simply a matter of choice. own a state of the art work of art. “Just insane extension and performance. As far as aesthetics and build quality you *absolutely* need to see these beasts in person.” “... it was more than worth the wait. These subs performance and aesthetics are without peer. EVERYTHING is top notch. These are truly high end subs. They left me and my wife speechless and it's not too often my wife is speechless.” Raptor is the culmination of a decade of building, testing and listening to 20 iterations of dual-opposed-driver, sealed, signal-shaped, high-power fed, wide bandwidth subwoofers, loaded with nearly 100 different drivers from around the world and powered by the best power amplifier technology available. Its carbon footprint is designed to harmonize with environmental demands, its output is the highest per cubic inch, its placement and frequency response flexibility make it the most versatile, and its bandwidth is wider than any other option.

With Raptor  systems 2 & 3 you get the SEQSS signal shaper specifically tailored to Raptor. Also included is the completely upgraded  A14K and all-new A-’X’K-R class TD amplifiers, one of which is included with the new System 1 Raptor, including a single, switchable built-in shaped signal. Each Raptor module is loaded with the latest  BHT-15 drivers, which are designed with larger motors, massive aluminum shorting rings to reduce distortion and longer throw (more displacement). The amplifier front panel is available in black anodized brushed aluminum to match the front panel of the SEQSS. Raptor  comes in black bamboo with hole punch pleather curved front panel. Options include brushed stainless steel top plate hardware, stacking spacers, a custom fabricated aluminum grill ring, choice of top plate material and adjustable legs.

The same principles used in designing every system we’ve built over the past 12 years; up-down firing, dual-opposed-drivers, stackable and scalable systems, signal chain flat to 5 Hertz and plenty of amplifier power to track the most demanding recorded source, are incorporated into the Raptor Systems. On the Raptor Systems page you’ll find standard configuration packages available in a dual-module System 2 (4-15” drivers) and a quad module System 3 (8-15” drivers). Of course, if you require a unique combination of modules, amplifiers or accessories, this is what the systems are all about. Scale one to your needs and let us know what you’re thinking so that we can be sure you get the right combination of modules in the right nominal ohms per module with the right amount of amplification to hit the target. Raptor