High Performance Subwoofer Systems for Music and Home Theater Enthusiasts
A Series Amplifiers
Welcome to bossobass.com. This site is dedicated to Home Theater and Audio enthusiasts who prefer to own and enjoy products that are built to last a lifetime while performing like they did the first day they were delivered. Not only built to last, but designed and built to provide state-of-the-art performance. When it comes to playback of modern digital audio formats, the low frequency content is an extreme challenge to reproduce. But, when done accurately, extreme low frequency reproduction, being unprecedented in the human experience,  translates to one of the most enjoyable experiences in the history of audio reproduction. For the vast majority of the audio hardware buying public, mass retailers whose products are designed to omit several octaves of the encoded audio content and with built-in obsolescence that ensures a constant upgrading or replacement  scheme, are sufficient sources for audio hardware. The products available on this site are not intended for that consumer group. Our goal is to offer products that play back what’s on the disc as accurately as possible at the desired playback levels through a compact, versatile and very high quality system package. Options are offered to allow you to give your hardware a personal touch. All of the products are designed and built through processes and with materials aimed at a sustainable and environmentally friendly end result and to remain in service and out of the landfill. For those who believe that the quest for quality and ultimate enjoyment are related and a significant component of the hobby, enjoy your visit and please let us know if there is anything we may do to enhance your audio pursuits. Blackbird... a system of stackable modules which can also be placed separately or used as end tables, especially with the beveled glass top option. Designed to have extremely high performance-per-cubic inch, packaged with the SEQSS signal shaper and A-9k 9,000 watt amplifier. Available in  two unique finishes and several equally unique accessories options. One-of-a-kind? Actually, we think you’ll prefer four of a kind... read more Raptor A perfect marriage of performance, size, flexibility, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Meeting the demands of digital soundtracks, the significant other and responsible reductions in carbon footprint was our goal. In the final analysis, we think owning a Raptor System is just plain fun... read more ...a ground-breaking subwoofer                              that defied conventional wisdom, providing reference-level LFE to 3 Hz. The original systems employed the first ever active conduction-convection cooling system and put us on the road to the Netherworld of extreme low frequency reproduction... raven read more                                                                                                      At the heart of any truly great subwoofer system is a truly great amplifier. The piece of the puzzle that took the longest time to research and search for, proper amplification at a reasonable price, is now available in several configurations to suit, not just our own systems but any system. read more
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